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Currently I do not have any of my houses posted, but I can tell you how to change your lots. (Get rid of the error message Out of Bounds or Not Your area)

Download a Majestic Mansion! This is not my house.

Download a different Majestic House! M-3 Not Mine!

Press Ctrl+Shift+C
Use the code to get a lot of money.
Rosebud for Sims Deluxe, Klapaucius for Sims
To get it faster, add ;: on the end
for example, rosebud;:
It will say Not a Code, but you will get the money anyway. Hold down the key so you don't have to reenter the code, but still get more money.
Then, enter the code map_edit on
you will se a bunch of boxes. The ones highlighted in white is land that is not yours. Click on it to make it yours. Land that is clear is your land. Click on it to make it not. To get rid of the boxes enter map_edit off